About us

omosWe are small family who in 2016 after 16 years in Copenhagen chose to pursue our dream. Together with our 2 boys aged 4 and 6 we have moved north to Løkken to transform an old school into our new home and business – Hotel Løkken Strand.
We love the nature and for the surf feeling that currently exists in Løkken and as we are both born in the north of Jutland this is for us like coming home.
Jette has worked for the last 15 years in the restaurant and event industry, Christian has worked as a carpenter and is a passionate hobby chef.

Hotel Løkken Strand is a place with few limitations. We love to pamper our guests and the atmosphere is always happy and informal. Though we are a small hotel we have a lot to offer; no matter if you stay a single night or you book the full event packet our ambition is always to create the best possible framework and to give our guests a memorable time in our fine surroundings.