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Welcome to our 'green' page

Hotel Løkken Strand is a small hotel, with a huge desire for a longlasting, green future.

Every day, we take an active choise to make the most sustainable solutions. We do this to take responsibility for both mankind and the environment.

Food & Beverage - with a green point of view
We make a virtue of working with products of the season. We do this because of the taste, and because it creates a natural variation in what we serve. 
We also prefer organic food & drinks. By offering a range of organic food and beverage, our guest is guaranteed high quality. This means; when you stay with us, you safely avoid pesticides and other additives. 





We are proud to announce that all of our electricity is produced from wind power.

All of our faucets have auto spouts, and is saving water with up to 50%. They are all hands free to avoid bacterial complications.  

We only use hypoallergenic duvets and pillows, and our linen is 100% organic.

We use low energy LED lights.

The breakfast is mainly made from organic and/or local produce.

Please use the door tag “Do not disturb” if cleaning is not necessary.We think everyone deserves the opportunity for an organic choice. Therefore, we offer a wide range of organic drinks in the reception.

Please do the Earth a favor, and think about the environment, when you want to switch towels.

Please remember to turn off the lights, when you leave the room.