Terms & Conditions

Here you can read about the terms and conditions for online booking via www.hotelloekkenstrand.dk for Hotel Løkken Strand

Company Information
Hotel Løkken Strand ApS CVR. nr.: 37759864
Management: Jette Nielsen & Christian Middelbo Outzen

Offering On www.hotelloekkenstrand.dk you can bye overnight stay, weekend packages and mini holidays.
All prices are in Danish Kroner, DKK.

Booking A booking is binding for both parties when the guest pay or latest when the hotel has send a confirmation per email or letter.
After booking and payment the guest accept the following terms. If nothings else is agreed the room is availabable at 3pm. on the day of arrival until 11am.
on the day of departure. Additional usage can be arranged against a fee.
When booking a room the guest is obliged to provide personal information for registration purposes as required by Danish law. Danish nationalities are required to povide full name, adress and phone number. Foreign guests are required to provide full name, date of birth, nationality, adress, phone number and passport/ID number. Upon arrival the guest is required to document the information and confirm by signing.

Personal Information Personal and payment information is only transferred to public authorities and only as required per law.

Arrival Please bring your reservation number upon arrival - see email for confirmation and payment.

Payment The room is paid with card during the online reservation. The following credit cards are accepted: Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Vias, JCB, American Express.

Payment with credit card Please be aware that when payment with credit cards a handling fee is charged. Visa Dankort is considered a debit card when used in Denmark.

Cancellation Online booking are not covered by the standard rights of withdrawals for purchases via phone or internet, however it is possibel to cancel a booking as per the term below.

Return paymeny by cancellation  Cancellation of hotel room without a fee is possible until 12am the day before scheduled arrival. Hotel rooms cancelled later than 12am on the before scheduled arrival are to be fully paid.
For events cancellation need to be done in writing no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled date. For cancellations made less than 2 weeks beforehand the loss will have to be paid with a cap og max 50% of the original booking price all inclusive.

For cancellations less than 5 days before the planned event the booking price is to be paid in full as well as external services that cannot be cancelled. The items that cannot be refunded will be highlighted in the original order confirmation.

No Show If a guest does not show up the price will have to be paidin the full incl. tax.

Force majeure hotel booking and events can be cancelled with prior announcement as a result of force majeure, strikes and other incidents that is out of the control of the hotel management.

Accidents with the booking and payment the guest accept to compensate possible damage made to the room, the building, inventory, ect. during the stay as well as expenses to extraordinary cleaning.
Accidents and damages are to be reported to the hotel as soon as they happen. Through the payment the guest authorizes the hotel to deduct eventual damage directly to the card used for payment. An invoice on the items and amount will be provided when the damage is fixed.

During the stay the occupants of the the room should not exceed the number agreed in the booking. If additional people arrive it must be cleared with the hotel and an additional fee might be charged.
A reservation is personal a transfer without prior agreement of the hotel will automatically release a cancellation without refund.

Pleace be aware that the hostel part is for mixed sex. When you reserve a bed in the hostel we cannot guarantee that you will be staying in the same room as your family or friends. So we recommend that you reserve a private room if you want to be sure to stay together as a group or family.

Smoking Policy the hotel and the hostel is non-smoking. Outside you can smoke anywhere. On the terrace there are no smoking tables, we ask you to respect this. Guest that after a warning does not respect the smoking policy will be ask to leave the hotel. Smoking in the room will release a fine of 1500 DKK. to cover the missing income by not being able to sell the room the following night as well as additional cleaning.

Print Mistakes we reserve the right to correct eventual printing mistakes on the homepages.

Reclamation if you have complanies please inform the hotel immediately so that we can bring the topic in order as soon as possible.

Contact Hotel Løkken Strand
Questions regarding bookings at Hotel Løkken Strand can be done to postal address:
Nørregade 28, 9480 Løkken
Phone: +45 20 63 37 29
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.